Klin Municipal Districts is second most popular for investment at Moscow region. Major investments at Klin Districts are production plants settled by renowned international Companies.

At 1998-2009 Klin District was chosen for 25 investment projects. Klin District meets requirements of production companies from Belgium, Japan, Czech Republic, Turkey, UK, Germany, France and Canada. Main industries are FMCG and construction materials production.

Total investments into District are above USD 1 000 000 000.

Plants employed 3 000 local people.

Major projects:

Company name Investor Production of
AGC Asahi Glass Company Glass
Sun InBev San InBev Beer
Klin Drinks Castell Group Mineral water and wine
Grossfilex Grossfilex PVC
Reckitt Benkiser Reckitt Benkiser Detergents

The most remarkable project at Klin District is Asahi Glass Company production facility.

First phase was constructed at 2005 with capacity of over 50 million sq.m. of glass per year. At 2010 second phase was put into operation with the world biggest glass production oven.

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